Procurement Activities

The union is procuring groundnut and sunflower seeds from Oilseeds Growers Co.op. Societies (OGCS), different APMC,s and Mill gate delivery as per the procurement policy decided by the Board from time to time. Also, we are undertaking the procurement activities under the Minimum Support Scheme (MSS) through OGCS and Farmers.

Sowing Seed Distribution

The Union is playing a dominant role in arranging the supply of Agricultural Inputs like Certified / Truthful Labeled Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides, etc to benefit of farmers through Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Karnataka & Institutions.

Training Program

The ROGCSU Ltd., Chitradurga is one of the beneficiaries of the Area Agronomic Training Center (AATC) at Haveri, Karnataka, set up under the project for the purpose of undertaking applied research and multiplication of improved varieties of oilseeds, which is run by KOF. The AATC conducts farmers training programs at regular intervals, and the Union sends the farmers from various parts of its project area to attend the training programs to facilitate them to acquire the knowledge of the latest technology in agriculture for better farm management and better yields.

Production Enhancement Activities

The union is undertaking Groundnut Seed multiplication from Breeder to Foundation, Foundation to Certified seeds and Sunflower seed, Bengal Gram Seed multiplication Seeds at village level through farmers. The union is undertaking and laying different demonstration programs like Large Scale Demonstrations, Field Trials, etc for the benefit of Oilseeds growers members. The Union has achieved good progress in KBSH-1 Sunflower Hybrid Seed production, procurement, and marketing, this variety is not only proved to be promising and high yielding but also very well accepted by the farmers.

Future Plans

    • Apart from regular procurement of oilseeds & consumer marketing of Edible oils it is planning to do the trading activities of Neem Seeds, Honge Seeds, Tamarind Seeds, Maize, Bengal Grams through Oilseeds Growers Co.operative Societies and tie up other organizations to increase the economic and Socio-economic development of Oilseeds Growers.


    • Establishment of Seed Processing Unit for HPS.
    • Establishment of Pulse Grading and Polishing Unit.
    • Bengal Gram Processing Unit